Spanner RE2 Wood Chip Biomass CHP Case Study

45kWe, 110kWth Spanner RE2 Wood Chip CHP System

To help in the development of small-scale gasification technology, this system was installed to provide heat for commercial chip drying and power for use on the site and also grid export. A Spanner RE2 wood chip gasification machine was chosen and installed into one of our energy cabin systems. The heat from the gasifier is delivered to a warm air heating circuit that provides heat through duct-work to a chip drying floor inside.

Biomass CHPEngine Biomass CHP

The system was assembled at our warehouse facility and installed into a custom container system ready for transport to site

TW Power Biomass CHPTW Power Biomass CHP Engine

The finished system on site with the warm air system located on the top

Biomass CHP Energy CabinTW Power CHP Output

Based on 7500 hours this unit will generate:

- 300,000 kW of green electric resulting in £24,000 Renewable Obligation Certificates 

- 825,000 kW of renewable heat resulting in over £50,000 in Renewable heat incentive payments 

- Around 240 tonnes of wood chip consumption per year 

- Payback in under 4 years