Biogen to produce UK made Biomass CHP systems

TW Power News : Biogen to produce UK made Biomass CHP systems

• Process Design & Engineering at our Development Centre in Bavaria
• Manufacturing & Assembly facilities in North West England at the Thornton Science Park Near Chester.
• Global remote monitoring centre at Regensberg In Bavaria
• UK Service Centre at Chester.
• Fuel testing Facility at the University Chester’s Science Park at Ellesmere Port

Their goal is to provide bespoke Biomass CHP configurations to deliver

• Power
• Process and Building Heat
• Cooling
• Distilled water

to businesses and third sector organisations seeking to a make step change in their carbon foot print whilst enhancing their energy sustainability and security.

Key also when designing our equipment is the aim to minimise the embedded carbon foot print of our equipment’s manufacturing and service costs. Biogen Systems also offer Process Design services to assist in the deployment of renewable energy within your business.