Poultry Farmer Turns to Biomass CHP

TW Power News : Poultry Farmer Turns to Biomass CHP

Our latest job is to supply two poultry sheds with heat during the winter months and provide commercial wood chip drying during times when the sheds do not require heating. The client, who already has a wind turbine, chose biomass CHP as the ideal answer to both heating and year round steady power that can be used on the rest of the site. Any excess electricity will be exported back to the grid.

Two 45kW electrical Spanner RE2 wood chip CHP systems have been chosen for the site. Although other wood chip systems are available, the Spanner system not only has the longest operational hours, it proves to be extremely competitive on project costs.  TW Power have the expertise to not only install the units correctly but provide all the on site heating and electrical installation and all accreditation for both the renewable heat incentive and renewable obligation certificates.

The building is going up nicely on the site and will be used for the equipment, chip drying and also space for machinery on the site.

Payback for the project is expected to be within 5 years with a further 15 years of steady income through the government incentives.