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Biogen to produce UK made Biomass CHP systems

• Process Design & Engineering at our Development Centre in Bavaria
• Manufacturing & Assembly facilities in North West England at the Thornton Science Park Near Chester.
• Global remote monitoring centre at Regensberg In Bavaria
• UK Service Centre at Chester.
• Fuel testing Facility at the University Chester’s Science Park at Ellesmere Port

Their goal is to provide bespoke Biomass CHP configurations to deliver

• Power
• Process and Building Heat
• Cooling
• Distilled water

to businesses and third sector organisations seeking to a make step change in their carbon foot print whilst enhancing their energy sustainability and security.

Key also when designing our equipment is the aim to minimise the embedded carbon foot print of our equipment’s manufacturing and service costs. Biogen Systems also offer Process Design services to assist in the deployment of renewable energy within your business.

Created: 06-Dec-19 11:56

Closure of Entrade

Entrade have gone into admistration so we will no longer be providing their products. Our focus will therefore be on the Spanner systems going forward.

Created: 13-Feb-19 10:29

Entrade E3 biomass CHP for sale with RHI and ROC accreditation


Due to TW Power starting to undertake its next R+D project, we are now offering our Entrade E3 show container for sale to fund the new project. Used for testing of fuels and viewings it has the following:

  • 18kW electrical output
  • 45kW thermal output
  • TOP RHI Biogas tariff now at 8.22p/kW (can be transferred to new site)
  • TOP 2 x ROCS per MW tariff (can be transferred to new site)

RHI and ROC payments if run for 7,500 hours a year is £32,000 per year plus savings against grid electric.

Total price £85,000 + VAT and includes assistance in transferring the tariffs to the new site. Email for more info.

Created: 21-Aug-18 11:06

Arensis purchase Verdo, a UK pellet production company

Arensis, the sister company to Entrade, have acquired UK pellet manufacturing company Verdo. This allows them to supply UK made pellets for their biomass CHP systems.

Click here for the article

Created: 01-Sep-17 09:29

Spanner RE2 release new Energy Block Biomass CHP systems

The cleverly designed Energy Block is a compact, turnkey solution that cogenerates heat and electricity from wood with maximum flexibility and autonomy. The system is ideal for ‘off-grid” operation, significantly reducing reliance on other costly power supplies.

Neufahrn i. NB. The cogeneration of power and heat from regional resources is easier than ever before thanks to Spanner Re2’s Energy Block.
The innovative system includes a Biomass CHP and an intelligent regulation unit. All of which are perfectly balanced in a 20 or 40-foot-housed container.


The modular structure and ability to cascade the biomass CHP means the system offers maximum flexibility and can be easily adjusted to local conditions. . Power and heat production from locally sourced wood is consistently achieved with the Energy Block’s broad power spectrum options from 35 kWel to 780 kWel as well as 80 kWth to 1.8 MWth.

“With our new Energy Block Spanner Re2 offers a complete, efficient and bespoke off-grid solution. Ex-works pre-assembly and our cleverly devised Plug & Play technology means we can put the system into operation in a very short timeframe”, said the project director Jörg Kretschmer. The demand for an innovative energy technology in the renewable sector is becoming even more relevant due to the continuing rise in electricity costs, fossil fuel dependency and limited regional supply options. The Energy Block addresses that demand and uses a variety of different fuel types to operate including wood chips, pellets and briquettes.

“The desire to replace expensive, fossil diesel generators with eco-friendly energy is increasing. Off-grid solutions like the Energy Block provide a self-sufficient power supply that meets those needs perfectly”, explained Thomas Bleul, managing partner of Spanner Re2 GmbH. “Our Energy Block is also an excellent solution for suboptimal developed regions, to produce climate friendly power and heat. Our patented technology uses the energy from the sun which is stored in the wood and at the same time is adding value because the wood stays locally in the region”, said Bleul.

Created: 08-May-17 15:56

Entrade complete several projects within the UK

A big congratulations to Entrade for the roll-out of three large sites in the UK. Entrade now have more biomass CHP units in the UK than any other supplier!

Created: 03-May-17 16:17

Pezzolato EPG100 wood chip dryer for sale - ready for immediate delivery

We have for sale a brand new Pezzolato EPG100 wood chip dryer for sale ready for immediate delivery. Minimum production of 100kg/hr from 50%-10% moisture content. Perfect for wood chip gasifiers. Also includes oversize and fines removal systems. Contact us for price.

Created: 28-Jul-16 09:05

Spanner CHP system using Pezzolato wood chip drier hits 8279 hours in first year of operation

The importance of a well managed wood chip fuel stock for the Spanner CHP system has always been very important. Pezzolato have now shown that with the correct equipment to provide consistent wood chip, the Spanner CHP system runs with almost no downtime.

TW Power are now supplier of the Pezzolato system and can incorporate it into the installation of the Spanner systems. Consistent high quality fuel input means consistent output.

Pezzolato PG 50 cogeneration plant reaches 8279 hours of operation in the first year of life.

The proper designers's design, the precise Pezzolato technicians' installation and commissioning combined with an excellent customer's management and maintenance enabled "turnkey" PG50 cogeneration plant, activated the 04/24/2015, to reach the 8279 hours of operation at 99% of the nominal electric power with a total of 369 243 electric kWh products and placed on the network.

The cogeneration plant's computer screen that shows the details of the hours of operation.


Created: 06-May-16 09:14

Woodtek High Efficiency Wood Chip Drying Solution

The most efficient wood chip drying system, designed and manufactured in the UK. 

TW Power can now offer an efficient, accurate, wood chip drying system that takes up very little space and can dry wood chip down to less than 10% consistently. Perfect for a wood chip biomass CHP system

Created: 04-Mar-16 09:27
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