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TW Power to exibit revolutionary Biomass CHP at Greenbuild Expo Manchester

TW Power Ltd will be exhibiting at the Greenbuild EXPO in Manchester and bringing along their Entrade E3 wood pellet CHP system for you to take a look at. This operational example has already run over 1600 hours and generated over 25MWh in power. Come and visit us to see what we can do for you.

Can't wait until November? Come and visit our site to see it operating.

TW Power Greenbuild Expo

Created: 11-Aug-15 16:25

TW Power Entrade E3 Biomass CHP Facebook Page

We now have our facebook page up and running!

Like our page to see what the world smallest power plant is doing!

Created: 10-Aug-15 11:24

Biomass CHP Video

Have a look at our latest video showing our Entrade Biomass CHP unit in operation.

Created: 30-Jul-15 18:46

Over 1000 hours operating time!

The Entrade E3 Biomass CHP system installed by TW Power and running their warehouse facility has reach 1000 hours of operation time in less than two months. Congratulations to Entrade on a great milestone!

Entrade E3 Biomass TW Power

Created: 13-Jul-15 11:14

A great article on TW Powers Installation of the Entrade E3

Created: 15-Jun-15 10:14

David Rutley MP visits TW Power Entrade E3 Biomass CHP

It was a great honour to have David Rutley, our local MP visit our warehouse facility to see the new E3 Biomass CHP unit running. Having always pushed for local businesses, we hope the E3 units can help cut running costs and help boost local business for the area.

Created: 11-Jun-15 10:17

TW Power deliver worlds smallest Biomass CHP system

TW Power have installed the first Entrade E3 Biomass CHP system in the UK. Delivered to Tomkinson Heating's warehouse, the system will provide the site with all heat and power requirements.

TW Power have teamed up with Entrade to deliver this unit and use it as a real working example, allowing people to visit and experience the technology for themselves. Please contact us for more information and to request a site visit.

Created: 17-May-15 16:43

Entrade E3 Biomass CHP

Not long now until we install the UK's first Entrade E3 Biomass CHP plant for Tomkinson Heating Ltd. The unit is designed to show the full technology behind the world’s smallest biomass CHP plant. More information will be available shortly.

Entrade E3 Biomass CHP

Created: 07-May-15 15:17

Froling CHP

Froling are due to release their wood chip powered CHP system for the UK. Providing 50kWe and 107kWth, it is a very similar size to other systems in our portfolio of products.

We can provide a full containerised system like the Froling at a very competitive price. Contact us for more information.

Froling CHP


Created: 05-May-15 19:56
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