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Wood Chip Drying Floors

TW Power can provide full wood chip drying facilities to work alongside biomass and biomass CHP technologies. The heat provided from your biomass system can be used to dry wood chip for personal use up to commercial scales, all while generating RHI payments. Got a project in mind? Fell free to contact us.

Created: 30-Apr-15 14:04

Latest Biomass CHP Installation

TW Power's installation team Tomkinson Heating Ltd, have recently installed a Spanner RE2 wood chip gasification plant for AMP PLC at their CHP plant in Penrith. This will be used to trial and gain knowledge in the operation of the system while providing power to the grid and utilising the heat from the system to dry wood chips. A case study will be uploaded shortly.

Created: 24-Apr-15 17:46

Biomass CHP Milestone

Entrade's latest, fully automated E3 pellet fired biomass CHP unit has just reached 1000 hours with no on site assistance. This is the first biomass CHP unit to ever reach this run-time without maintenance. With complete remote monitoring, no on-site staff are required for constant operation. Want to know more? Contact us to see how we can reduce your energy bills!

Biomass CHP Wood Pellet

Created: 13-Apr-15 16:30
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